Revival Meeting With Andy Avery

Tuesday, September 21 through Sunday, September 26

6:00 Nightly and 10:30 Sunday Morning

It is with great excitement that we welcome Andy Avery of Lexington, Tennessee back to Clovis for another powerful week of revival meetings. Andy’s rare musical talents and gifts are second to none. Before he gave his life to Christ, he was very active in the world of Rock and Roll. Today he does programs in schools and for drug and alcohol recovery centers on making right choices in life as well as concerts and revivals all over the United States mixing his powerful voice with secular songs, praise music and a powerful Christian testimony for churches and anywhere they will let him perform. Andy’s preaching is a down-to-earth, true-to-life, relevant and life-changing presentation of Scripture, filled with humor and relatable stories. Every service will lift your spirits and challenge your soul.


Invite your friends and neighbors to come to each service. Your invitation could bring about transformation of their lives. Every evening service will be held outdoors if the weather permits. Sunday morning will be in the worship center along with any evening service effected by weather.


The Revival Meeting will be held at First Christian Church of Clovis, NM at 1700 N. Main Street across the street from Marshall Middle School and just south of Greene Acres Park. No offering plate will be passed, but a box will be provided for donations that will show appreciation for Andy’s ministry and provide for his ability to travel and continue his work for the Lord.


Every service will be in person. Evening services will be on Facebook Live while the Sunday morning program will be on Facebook Live, YouTube and our website, Plan now to attend every service. You’ll be glad you did.

Andy Avery Sept 2021 (for print)2.jpg