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The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

You Make a Difference

Did you know that God cares how we live? He desires that we follow his Word in the design of our moral character and how we represent him in the world. If you don’t believe that, just ask Noah. Do you remember how that the world went into such moral chaos that God called Noah to build a giant boat. Well it was more of a giant float than a boat. Boats are designed to move to a location with guidance and some way for it to be propelled. The Ark was just designed to be sturdy and float around. But, the reason for the flood was that God was fed up with the complete disappearance of morality and the lack of concern for God’s direction.

Do you remember how that God called Jonah to announce his judgement upon the Syrian city of Nineveh? God told Jonah that the city’s sinfulness had risen up to heaven like a stench. God could no longer stand to smell it. Had the city not repented, God would have destroyed it.

Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities singled out by God for destruction. God sent servants (likely angels in form of men) to inform Abraham that these neighboring cities had been such a moral mess that He would destroy them by fire and brimstone. Abraham understood, but he had family in those cities. He bargained with God about rescuing any righteous people from the city. At first he begged God to relent if there were at least 50 righteous people there. God agreed, but then Abraham realize it wasn’t even close. Abraham kept lowering the numbers and God agreed to not destroy the city eventually making to 10. Sadly, there were not even 10 so God allowed Abraham the time and opportunity to get his nephew, Lot, his wife and two daughters out before the city was destroyed.

I want you to see today that these few people mattered to God. A few worshippers of God can make a difference in their world. Sometimes, we who follow Christ, can be the difference in a neighborhood, a town or even a country. The Bible tells us that a time will come when God will destroy the earth as we know it. However, followers of Jesus Christ are here to teach, baptize and disciple those who share this world with us. My dad used to say, “It is too late to save the world, but we still have time to rescue some of the passengers.” In fact, we were commanded to do this several places in Scripture, but especially in Matthew 28:18 and following.

You can make a difference.

I remember a story where a pastor was preaching and made the statement, “The entire world is going to hell. The sad thing is that most of you are far more concerned about the fact that the minister just used a bad word than they are about the people in our world how are going to perish in hell.”

Are you as concerned about the people in our world who are going to hell as Abraham was about his family who loved in Sodom? Abraham had a sense of urgency for his nephew and family. We do not know when Jesus will come back or how long some people have to live in this world. That is why we need to have urgency in our concern about others, especially our friends and family. No one has to go to hell! Christ’s death on the cross for the sins of the whole world assured that. But we need to get the world out. Do you know someone needs Jesus? Are you in a hurry to tell them about what he can do for them?

The Sunday we will continue our series of message on the theme Any Nobody Can Become Somebody The transformative power of God in people. I will share a message titled Don’t Look Back (a salty woman) based on Genesis 18 & 19. I hope you will join us at 10:30am for worship in person or on FaceBook live.

Seeking passengers for heaven,


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