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who is god to you?

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Who is God to You?

How do you see God? Who is He to you? People often talk about God being their best friend. They sing songs about being in love with Jesus and about everything he does for them.

While it is amazing that God loves and blesses His people abundantly, we often forget to stand in awe of Him. We forget that the God we serve, demonstrated his power and strength through creating the entire world in 6 days. We forget that the same God who blesses us is the one who destroyed the whole world, with the exception of a few people and animals by sending a catastrophic flood on the earth. He is the same God who rescued the Israelites by splitting the Red Sea open and helping them to cross on dry land also destroyed the pursuing Egyptian army by making the water to fall on them and destroy them completely. This same God opened up the earth and swallowed up many of the Israelites who had worshiped the golden calf in the wilderness. He is mighty and powerful. He is not one to be taunted or disobeyed. Do you realize that Christ’s death on the cross does not simply express His love for us? It is also a graphic demonstration of His wrath for sin and all sinners. That is why it took the blood of God’s own Son to take our sins away.

The sixth chapter of Isaiah illustrates the awesomeness of God. Isaiah entered into a room that was larger on the inside than it was on the outside. He was given a glimpse into the actual throne room of God. What he witnessed there was overwhelming. The six-winged Seraphs that flew around Adonai, the Lord, were more awesome than any creature we have ever seen, yet they were worshiping the Lord through proclamation. The them, He was HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!

Isaiah was blown away because of what he had been allowed to see. He realized his own sinfulness and that of all his people. Yet, in that moment, God cleansed him and called him to a ministry for the Lord.

This Sunday we will look at Isaiah 6:1-8 and find ourselves with the prophet, gazing on God’s holiness in a message titled “Holy! Holy! Holy! I hope you will come and share in this unique moment and challenge of worship at First Christian Church.

In awe of Him,


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