• Jon Forrest


I’m excited about the new season of Wednesday Night Special which begins tonight at First Christian Church of Clovis!

Josh McVey has awesome lessons and activities for the Immortals (grades 6-12) and Cheryl Forrest and her team will lead a fun learning experience for Bible Bunch (grades k-5).

The Adults will welcome Paul Chinikidiati of Gone Fishin’ Ministers as a guest teacher. Paul will lead our adult class through a creative study of The Lord’s Pray illustrated with an amazing carving Paul created. You will love this study.

But first, everyone will enjoy Nachos Wednesday in the fellowship hall. The meal will be served from 5:30 to 6:05. Donations of at least $2 per person an $6 per family are requested. If you can do more it is appreciated. Cash only, please.

Classes will run from 6:15-7:15. Plan to attend.

I’ll see you there,


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