• Jon Forrest

Viva La Diff'erence

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest


Three guys were hiking in the woods. They came upon a raging river. Not sure what to do next the first guy looked to the heavens and said, “God please make me strong enough to get across this river.” Poof! He had big strong arms and legs, so he dived in and began to swim. Two hours later, after a fierce struggle, he made it to the other shore.

The second guy, having observed his friend, looked to the heavens and cried

out, “Dear God give me enough tools to cross this river.” Poof! He was given a rowboat. An hour later, after nearly capsizing, he made it to the other shore.

The third guy said, “Dear God please make me smart enough to cross this river.” Poof! God made him a woman, he looked at the map, walked five minutes upstream and crossed the bridge.”

The creation of the universe in Genesis builds to a climax with the creation of mankind. God creates a man from the mud. But he sees that it is not good for him to be alone, so he causes the man to fall sleep and performs surgery. He uses the man’s rib to make woman.

The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. – Genesis 2:23-24 NIV

God created man and woman to fit each other. He made them one flesh and designed what we call marriage.

The amazing thing about us is that men and women are very much alike and yet completely different.

We are usually born with two arms, two legs a head, two ears, a nose, two lungs, a single heart and so on. We are each born with a brain, but man, are those two brains different, or what?

Even with the similarities the differences are amazing. God created physical differences that excite us and even drive us crazy. And we rarely think alike about anything. Men like to keep every thought in its own proper box while every thought of a woman is somehow attached to all others. Men attempt to reject emotion while most women embrace it.

I heard a woman say that God invented man. On the second attempt he perfected his invention by creating woman.

The truth is, we need each other. God created us with that need. Some might think this is God’s sense of humor. We need each other for togetherness and companionship, but we also need each other’s different approaches to life. Pure objectivity creates harshness. Pure emotionalism creates soft permissiveness. But when combined, the two become one solid answer to life’s problems. Now, it is true that not all women think alike and not all men. But, for the most part this is the way men and women connect and solve life’s issues.

God is brilliant in his creative work.

This Sunday we will conclude our series PASSION OR PROMISE with a message titled, Adam and Eve; From Paradise to Desert, based on Genesis 1:26-3:24. I hope you will come and enjoy this comparison of man and woman; this examination of God’s perspective on sexuality and marriage and this celebration of the way God has made us alike and different. I say, “VIVA LA DIFF'ERENCE!”

Celebrating with you,


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