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upcoming events

This fall we have a lot going on.

Sept. 29th - We will be going to the corn maize in Lubbock, TX. While we are there we will sit around the camp fire and make some S'mores.

The 29th is a Sunday, so we will be leaving at 2 p.m. We encourage everyone to bring lunch or get a lunch following services that Sunday.

Families are welcome to join. This event will be for both youth and families. We will be taking both church vans, but I'm sure we will need extra vehicles if you choose to come with your family.

COST: $10 per person. This includes the corn maize, camp fire, and hay ride through the lit pumpkin patch. We will also stop for dinner at McDonald's on the way home.

Oct. 31 Halloween Trunk or Treat is Oct. 31 and is on a Thursday. We will be collecting candy for the whole month of October to provide children and families with candy from the trunks of our vehicles. We encourage everyone to decorate their vehicle.

Nov. 13 We will be delivering Turkeys for Thanksgiving. We would like to provide 12 meals to 12 families. If you have a suggestion for a family that will need a Thanksgiving Dinner please email or call the church (fcc@pleateautel.net)

We will be taking donations for the turkey dinners all through the month of October and up until the 6th of November.

We will be putting out a list of needs for the Thanksgiving boxes.

There is a lot going on. Meanwhile the students are divided into four small groups of seven students a piece. They will be doing activities together in their groups plus training and teaching in Teknon. They are also training an working in the sound booth. We are active and growing!

In His service and yours,


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