• Jon Forrest

The Upward Look What do you Need?

A pastor was on the Turner Turnpike many years ago, traveling from Tulsa to Oklahoma City to visit a member in the hospital. Along the way he had a flat tire and was stranded along the roadway with no spare tire. Fortunately, he made his way to a "Call Box" on the side of the road. He had never used one of these devices and was confused about what to do with it. When he picked up the phone a voice responded on the other end. Nervously, he attempted to explain to the operator the circumstances surrounding his problem. The operator kept trying to cut him off as he continuously tried to tell her his location. The more he attempted to tell her where was, the more she tried to interrupt him. Finally, she got his attention and was able to tell him, "Sir, I have a computer on this end. I already know where you are. Just tell me what you need!"

When the Pharisee, Nicodemus, sneaked over to Jesus' camp by cover of darkness he approached with religious questions and ideas. He was intrigued by the incredible wisdom and works of the Master Teacher. He attempted to butter up Jesus with compliments about his teaching abilities.

While he had the best of motives, he really didn't know what he needed. On the other hand, Jesus knew exactly what this very religious man needed. He needed a complete transformation from the inside out. He needed to be born again.

Many church members spend their lives trying to prove to God, to other people and even themselves that they are religious; so religious that God could never reject them. The problem is that God could not care in the least how religious a person is. He wants to know how open they are to letting him infiltrate their lives. When we are hung up on being religious, we are attempting to prove how good and worthy we are of God's love. The center of this mentality is pride. Pride leaves no room for faith or the working of the Holy Spirit to invade and change a life. What God is looking for is a life yielded to his work through faith and surrender. That is what each of us really needs.

This Sunday, December 31st, we will share a message in the morning service titled, New Year; New Life based on John 3:1-18. We will look at how Jesus transforms even the most or least religious life into a brand new, completely transformed, Christ filled life. Come and join us for the launching of a new year and a new life with Christ. He is all we need.

Always needing Jesus,


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