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the struggle remains

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

The Struggle Remains

In the Great Flood of Noah, Sinners throughout the earth died. One would think then, that with the righteous man, Noah and his family, that sin would have died too. But all God did was remove the environment in which every thought was sinful by destroying the chaos. In spite this drastic change, one thing still remained that is imbedded in all mankind, the sinful nature. Temptation was not eradicated. Evil still lurked within the will of mankind. And sin reared its ugly head.

In the second half of the 9th chapter we find Noah and one of his sons tripped up and committing sin. As it goes with every sin, dire consequences would result that would impact far more people than the sinner can imagine. Generation, upon generation would be impacted by this seemingly minor incident.

Please understand, no sin is minor.

In the 5th and final part of our series of messages, “When the World is All, but Sunk, “this Sunday we will examine these happenings from Genesis 9:18-29 with a message titled, “Scandal in the Family.”

The saga of Noah, his family and the ark does not end without disappointment. But hopefully, we will find, in the midst of failure, the power of God’s amazing grace.

Plan to attend this special service and learn about how God deals with our human weakness. We will learn that even the greatest spiritual people and leaders are at risk to temptation and sin. I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

Sharing in the struggle,


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