• Jon Forrest


(Art work by Joshua McVey)

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

The Rocky Road

One of my favorite people in the Bible is the Apostle, Simon Peter. The reason I like him so much is because his imperfections were frequently exposed in his actions and words. Yet, few people accomplished more in all of history. He was a man filled with contradictions. He would go from the faith of a man to step out of a boat onto the sea and begin to walk, to the guy who, in a matter of a couple minutes, heard Jesus say to him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” On the same night Jesus would commend him as hearing from God and then call him Satan. One minute, he declared that he would never reject Jesus. The next, he denied ever knowing him three consecutive times.

Peter, who was an unschooled Galilean fisherman, would author two powerful letters to the churches at a time when they were being threatened by great persecution and who would preach some of the most eloquent and powerful sermons ever.

In my weakness, I can relate directly to this flawed disciple.

His inconsistency and tendency to speak without thinking fit my personal struggles frequently. It excites me to see how that Jesus took this struggling disciple and made him to be one of his dearest friends. When Jesus would choose a small group from his 12 apostles to experience something special he was always one of them.

I am excited to bring a series of messages based on the life of this amazing personality, a real character and a go getter for the Lord. He would put his life on the line through faith in Christ. His commitment would lead him to tremendous sacrifice and persecution for the name of Jesus.

The series is titled, The Rocky Road, If God can use Peter He can use you. The first message in this series will be The Big Fisher of Men based on Luke 5:1-11. Come join us on Sunday mornings as we see how we can learn from God’s work in such an imperfect life. See how God can use you.

Imperfectly useable,


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