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That's Real Faith!

The Upward Look by Jon Forrest

That’s Real Faith!

I love the story about 3 nuns who were traveling out west to a medical conference. On their journey they traveled across the Mojave Desert. While crossing the desert, they failed to notice the gas gauge nearly on empty as they passed through a desert town. They hadn’t gone far out of town when they ran out and were stranded in the desert.

Because they weren’t far from town the sisters decided they could walk back to town and get some fuel. However, in their search for a container to carry the gasoline all they could find in their bags was a shiny stainless-steel bedpan.

When they returned to their vehicle, they opened the gas cap and began to carefully pour the contents into the tank. While they worked a truck driver happened to pass by. He looked at the nuns and the bedpan from which they were pouring the gas and cried out,

“Man! That’s what I call real faith!”

This coming week Andy Avery will be with us presenting great music and challenging us to consider “The Blessings of Blind Faith.” He will bring messages from Mark 10:35-53 that will encourage and excite our spirits.

I pray that this great series will lead us to a stronger, more vibrant and committed walk with Jesus. Bring your friends, neighbors and friends to share in the Celebration of Revival.

Walking by blind faith with you,


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