• Joshua D McVey

Thank you Mom

"We can't have anything nice."

"Don't run in the house, take it outside."

It was usually an accident. These were things my mother had said to me growing up. I'm sure you heard something similar. I saw my mom as always my mom. She had never been anyone else but my mom. It was like she was another species of human called mom.

She held our lives together with dad. There were times in anger I spat venom at my mother. I was harder on her than anyone, because I knew she'd always love me. Don't get me wrong, mom wasn't shy of using the spoon if she needed, . . . well she threatened it a lot.

Now that I'm married I see mothers in a new light. My wife has a lot to balance. She sacrifices a lot and works harder than anyone I know. She puts up with me, and that's not easy. She is by my side encouraging me and loving the kids all at the same time. She makes dinner every night. When the kids are home, they get snacks and visit the library. The baby constantly needs attention.

Yes I have spent time with our daughter, changed diapers, and followed her around the house protectively. I understand it's a difficult job . . . and that was just fifteen minutes. Annika and my wife are inseparable. She is my wife's side kick, practically attached at the hip.

Moms find time to make everyone feel loved and give support. Who's job is it to be sure she is loved and comforted?


Her husband. Mother's day reminds the kids to celebrate mom. It's my job to love her and celebrate her everyday as her husband. I love my wife and I appreciate Mother's Day more than ever. But I better be loving my wife and caring for her everyday.

Rebecca, I love you. Did I mention she reads my blog posts?

This Mother's Day look up from your dinner plate and say thank you.

Husbands love your wives and care for her.

Mom, thank you for the comfort, love, and support no one else could give.

Happy Mother's Day!

In His Service and yours,


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