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Small Frying Pans

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Small Frying Pans

Two men went to a lake for some trout fishing. One man had a strange habit. Every time he would catch a trout, he would pull out a little ruler and measure it. If the trout measured larger than the ruler, he would throw it back. Strangely enough, he kept all of the little trout that he caught and threw back all the big ones.

His partner watched all day long, and as they prepared to leave, he looked at him and said, “I can’t stand this any longer. I have never seen a man fish like you in my life. You’ve kept all of the small trout and thrown back all of the big ones. Why did you do that?”

The man replied, “Because I only have an eight-inch frying pan.”

The Word of God promises blessing upon blessing to the people of God. In fact, there is no limit to what he has for us. Unfortunately, we are often limited by the space our faith makes for receiving what he has for us. We limit him to the size of our own “frying pans,” or should I say, “our faith.”

I struggle with a common disease called “type 2 diabetes.” The way the doctor explained it is that the insulin receptors in my blood have lost their ability to receive the ample amounts of insulin that my pancreas creates, leaving too much sugar floating in the blood stream. The best thing I can do is to ingest less sugar and sugar producing carbohydrates. There is plenty of insulin available, but my receptors are limited in their ability to receive.

God does not limit your faith. He does not limit mine. But we often limit our own faith by not being prepared to receive everything God has for us.

These limitations are often caused by our pride (I’ll do it for myself), or by our flesh (acceptance of lower quality, worldly blessings), or by limited belief (God can’t do more than I think).

In 2 Kings 4, the widow helped by Prophet Elijah, was told to borrow jars from her neighbors to pour oil inside. God miraculously filled each jar with unlimited amounts of oil coming from her original jar. The only limitation to her receiving of oil was the number of jars she collected.

It is high time that we all open our hearts and expand our trust in God’s provision exponentially. The more we accept from him, the more we can bless others.

Time to get a bigger frying pan.

This Sunday we will share a message from 2 Kings 4:1-7 titled “When Nothing is all You Have.” We will explore the limits we place on God by the size of our own faith. Sometimes we think God has failed us and left us with nothing, when we have more available than we realized. Come share in this exercise in faith building.



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