• Joshua D McVey

Shine Your Light into the Darkness

The world is a dark place. Last week I heard of a murder. A man shot and killed on his doorstep. A couple weeks before that another man murdered by the grandson of the woman he was caretaker to. What injustice or anger must a person feel to snuff out the life of another? I have heard it said, when you kill a man you're not only killing the man, but the generations who were to come after.

People are used as currency, today. Human trafficking is real and happens in our lifetime. Children are neglected and forgotten. Their last breaths, strapped in a car seat cooked alive. A forgotten child. Children are our greatest blessing, our most precious responsibility, a hallowed charge to guide and protect.

A dark world indeed.

The darkness does not have the power to overcome. "A light shines in the darkness."

This Sunday (December 1) begins Advent. It's finally here, that's what Advent means. It's the anticipation of the promise. The promised solution, the promised hope, the promised light. Jesus' birth is the light in the darkness.

"A light shines in the darkness."

Calls are made to bring the murderer in. The light shines through people, those who will not allow the darkness to grow. We are filled with life and light today, because of what we celebrate this holiday season.

The car window is shattered, the child is freed. The light shines in the darkness. A questionable van is reported. An establishment with unknown business dealings is raided. Women are found living in cages. They are freed. Those reporting and keeping a watchful eye, have had enough. They are changed by the light of Christ.

The light shines in the darkness.

What I have written may seem strange or exaggerated, but this is how the light shines through you and I. We can make a difference. Darkness prevails, if we don't shine our light on the darkness.

A child steals, we need to correct them. If we ignore it and continue to believe it doesn't happen the darkness grows. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not understood it (John 1:5)." We recognize darkness because of the light Jesus has shined into our lives.

We have a responsibility to shine our light and make a difference in this world.

May you see the opportunities to shine your light

May you be blessed with a world full of light

In His service and yours,


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