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The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Share the Journey

Jesus wasn’t very comfortable in religious gatherings. In such gatherings he ran into issues such as a congregation that turned against him and tried to throw him headlong over a cliff or his own anger arousing against the buying a selling of livestock by the religious leadership in the temple requiring him to turn over the tables and drive out the moneychangers and animals. He said that it is written that his Father’s house is to be a house of prayer, but they had turned it into a den of thieves. His most effective contacts were out in public with such situations as the woman caught in adultery or the Samaritan woman Jesus met at Jacob’s well or the hated tax collector, Zacchaeus that Jesus called down from a tree, or a crew of Galilean fishermen he called to come and follow him so he could make them fishers of men. Each of these and many more, Jesus reached out with compassion and understanding and invited to join him in his world transforming mission. Many came along and followed him for the rest of his ministry and beyond. Of 132 personal contacts made by Christ and recorded in the gospels 6 were in the Temple, 4 were in the synagogues and 122 were with people he met in everyday life situations.

Jesus was all about meeting people where they were, often struggling, sinful or suffering from the trauma of everyday life and inviting them to come along with him to join in his journey to eternal life.

In Numbers 10, Moses was leading his newly reorganized people from the foot of Mount Sinai; covenant in hand, to resume their journey to the Promised Land. In the 29th verse he comes along side Hobab his brother-in-law, a Midianite to invite him to join in the journey to the beautiful land God would give them. Hobab declined at first, but Moses told him that, if he came along, his family would have the same glorious inheritance as the Israelites. He also told him that he would be of value to their mission because of his superior knowledge of the terrain and culture they would pass through on the way.

This is what outreach is about. It is about finding people who are along our journey to heaven who do not know the Savior. We should invite them to join us and Jesus and tell them the great benefits of following him. We should let them know that they are valuable to God and to us. They are a treasure worth more than they know.

Jesus called us to this purpose. We often forget that mission and change that purpose to inviting people who are already on the same path to heaven as us. We need other Christ followers in our lives so that we can encourage one another on this mission to bring new people with us.

This Sunday we will continue our series of messages titled ANY NOBODY CAN BECOME SOMEBODY (the transformative power of God in people) our message will continue a look at Abram and how God transformed his life. It will be titled “The Impact of Faith” based on Genesis 15:1-6 & 17:1-25. I hope you will come and be receive that impact.

Sharing with you and Jesus,


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