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ready or not!

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Ready or Not!

A favorite game of my childhood was the game, Hide and Seek. The way we played it; one person was “IT.” “IT” was the seeker, while everyone else would hide. “IT” would count to 50 or 100, depending on the rules that day while everyone else would take off and hide in the best place possible in the time allotted by the count. When “IT” finished the count, he/she would cry out with a loud voice, “Ready or not here I come." Then “IT” would go and find the ones who were hiding. The one caught first would become the new “IT.”

Four things were always certain in the game:

(1.) - "IT" was surely coming.

(2.) - "IT" was coming when they were good and ready...and not before.

(3.) - "IT" was coming whether you were ready or not.

(4.) - If you were not ready, .... then you would pay the consequences.

Little did I realize as a child how much this game of hide and seek paralleled the Return, or, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus departed this world he promised, guaranteed, assured us that we could bank on these words, “I will come again!”
“I will come again!”

Over and over in Scripture we find that promise re-stated in different ways. 1 Thessalonians 5 tells us that when he comes, it will be like a thief in the night. Did you ever hear of a thief who called his victim in advance to say, “Tonight at 10:00, my buddy and I are going to break into your house and steal all of your best stuff.” Of course not. You’d have all the cops you could get ready to pick him up as soon as he showed his face (or ski mask). A thief is sneaky. That is why people spend money on security systems and the best locks money can buy. It is important that we be ready every minute of every day.

We are told that his arrival will be like the coming of a baby following birth pangs. Every mother is fully aware for most of 9 months approximately when her baby will arrive. But, unless a C-section has been scheduled she only knows that this baby will come when it is good and ready. That is why she doesn’t travel far from the hospital after a certain date. That is why she keeps her over-night bag ready and her phone charged and near her.

We know that Jesus is coming. We know that he will come when he is ready, not before or after. We know that it is essential to our future that we be prepared for his coming and if we are not, consequences will be dark. Are you ready for the coming of the Lord?

This Sunday we will continue our series of messages from our series, Rock the World, with a message concerning the return of our Lord titled, ONE GIANT SHAKE, based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 and Acts 17:1-9. I hope you are excited about shaking your world. I look forward every week to seeing how God will shake the world through us.

Getting Ready with you,


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