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Pavarotti Potential

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest Pavarotti Potential

Luciano Pavarotti, the famous opera star, almost missed his calling. As a young man, he taught elementary school and sang only occasionally. But several people made the difference for him. One was his grandmother who, when he was a boy, would hold him in her lap and say, "You're going to be great, you'll see." Another was his father, who encouraged him to devote more time to singing. Another was his voice teacher, who helped him to develop his great talent.

Pavarotti says, "If I hadn't listened to my father and dropped teaching, I would never be here. And yes, my teacher groomed me. But no teacher ever told me I would become famous. Just my grandmother."

Imagine what the world would have missed had Pavarotti not received encouragement to take his diamond out of the rough.

You probably know someone who has incredible potential through talent or intellect or spiritual quality or some other ability, who never considered stretching that potential to the limits. Observation of others and caring about them can lead you to making that big difference. When you see it, speak up!

In 2 Thessalonians chapter 1, the Apostle Paul looked at a highly damaged church family. The persecution that had been poured out into their lives in the first letter he had written had not gone away. If anything, it was much more fierce. Paul wanted these followers of Christ to know that, in spite of their trials, they were growing and making a difference. They were still rocking their world for Jesus. Paul encouraged them; telling them how he gave thanks for them and bragged on their faith, hope and love in the face of trouble to churches everywhere. He used them as an example of triumph to other followers of Christ. He promised that God had not forgotten their perseverance and would reward them one day. He told them that he and others were praying for their strength on a regular basis so that God would be glorified through them.

God knows that you and the church family have Pavarotti potential and more. You are God’s child! When your faith, hope and love are growing God receives glory. When he receives glory through your life, the world is rocked for the good.

You have Pavarotti Potential too.

This Sunday our sermon series ROCK THE WORLD will continue with a message titled, “World Shaking Encouragement” based on 2Thessalonians 1:1-12. If you want to be encouraged, be there. If you have friends who need encouragement, bring them along. See you Sunday.

Encouraging you,


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