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Paralyzed by fear

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Paralyzed by Fear

A man had been visiting a therapist because he has had a fear of monsters living under his bed. The man had been seeing this doctor for months. Every time he would come in, the doctor would ask, “Have you made any progress?” Every time the man would say, “No.” The man decided to go and see another doctor. When he came back to his first doctor, the doctor asked, “Have you made any progress?” The patient replied “Yes, I am feeling all better now.” The doctor asked, “What happened?" The man explained, “I went to another doctor and he cured me in one session”. The doctor asked, “What did he tell you?” The man said, “He told me to cut the legs off of my bed."

My Dad tells a story in one of his popular sermons about me when I as a toddler. I was afraid to go to sleep because I had been having nightmares about spiders. As a result, when my parents tried to get me to go to bed, I would cry and resist because of this fear. My Dad says that my Mom came up with the solution. She sent me to bed with the flyswatter. It worked! Armed with that flyswatter, any spider could be clobbered into next week and I’d be safe.

Fear is a source of paralysis to many. 1 Samuel 17 tells us about how the Philistine giant named Goliath caused a great fear to come over the entire Israelite army. It appears that even the great King Saul was afraid. For 40 days and nights the entire Israelite army was at a standstill because of the daily challenges the giant presented every day.

The army was frozen with fear because of the intimidation this 9-foot-tall warrior presented. He was calling out for anyone in the Israelite army to come out and fight with him. It is interesting that his challenge stated that the people of the winner would become master over the people of the other.

Many of us never accomplish anything because we fear stepping out and taking on the challenges that stand before us. We have never tried it, but to do so would be just too risky. What if we fail? But, you see, to live in fear is to allow fear to be master over us. Until we take it on, we will go absolutely nowhere.

Until someone took up the challenge, namely the shepherd boy, David, the armies, the king and the people of Israel were held captive by this fear.

We have great challenges standing before us every day. If we live if fear, those challenges we fear will hold us captive. But, with faith in God, we can step up, take on the challenges that must be overcome. Once that is accomplished, we can press on until we meet the next obstacle and conquer it.

Victory is really just stone’s throw away.

This Sunday morning I will continue to share with you the sermon series, When God Build’s a King; How a lowly shepherd became a great king. This week’s message is titled, Giant Problems based on 1 Samuel 17:1-58. I hope you will join me and the FCC Family as we see how God can empower us to overcome fear and danger by trusting him to move us forward and overcome those Giant Problems in our lives.

Overcoming with you and God,


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