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Old Testament Christology

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Old Testament Christology

The accounts of the birth of Christ are filled with references to Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming of the Promised One, the Messiah. The reason for such references is to make sure that readers understand that what was written about this special baby born in a barn in the City of David called Bethlehem was not just a story. They wanted us to understand that Mary and Joseph were not just random peasants who stumbled into the town and who ended up giving birth in some unsuspecting stable on an indiscriminate night.

Everything about Jesus, from his birth, to his teachings, to his miracles, to his trial, to his crucifixion to his resurrection and ascension were predicted, prophesied if you will, in the Old Testament in many ways by numerous prophets, priests and kings. This is called the “Christology of the Old Testament.” These dynamic inspired words do more than describe the events. They also tell much of the why about Jesus’ life. But the main purpose was to help us to see that this was all in God’s plan from the foundations of the world.

Some of Old Testament prophecies are difficult to follow and grasp, but if you follow them closely you learn that much is clarified in the coming (advent) and life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why is this so important? It’s more than important; it is vital to our understanding that Jesus was everything he claimed to be. It helps us to realize that he was God’s Son and that he came for a purpose, God’s purpose to take us from being his temporary enemies to becoming his permanent friends.

The second week of our Advent Devotional Guide is titled God’s Presence and His Promises leads us through some of those prophecies, i.e. promises, that were given to inspire and confirm our belief in Him. God was present in every prophecy and fulfillment so that you and I can believe and tell everyone else who he is.

Jesus came exactly the same way God said he would. Hallelujah!

This week’s Sunday message is designed to contribute to the coming devotionals. It follows the overall theme Advent; Living Hope and is titledGod’s Presence and His Promises and will be mostly based on John 1:4-9 & Isaiah 9:2.

I look forward to sharing this with you and everyone who joins us.

Looking forward,


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