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The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Never Give Up!

It has been said that one who fails is not a failure unless he gives up.

I love the story of a young aspiring preacher named Campbell Morgan who had made application to the Wesleyan School of ministry. In 1888 Campbell was one of 150 men to apply for the opening that would only be filled by 45 students. Happily, he passed his doctrine examine. Now he waited to present his short lesson. When the young man stood in the pulpit to give his trial sermon, there were 3 professors sitting in a dark 1,000 seat auditorium. Campbell was extremely nervous to preach in such an intimidating situation. After two agonizing weeks Campbell received word that he was rejected, that he showed “no promise!” Campbell Morgan’s name was one of the 105 rejected ministers that year.

Campbell knew God had called him! He wrote his father a one-word telegram “REJECTED!” In his journal he penned the words: DARK, VERY DARK EVERYTHING SEEMS DARK, STILL GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST. Campbell received this reply: REJECTED ON EARTH. ACCEPTED IN HEAVEN. DAD.

Doctor George Campbell Morgan, D.D. was rejected. Throughout his ministry, G. Campbell Morgan became one of most prolific evangelists, teachers, preachers and biblical scholars in the world. Campbell was famous for his writings and sermons. He was not known as a man of great gestures, showy eloquence, super delivery style or great charm. Though rejected, he became known as “THE MAN OF THE WORD.” In 60 years of ministry he preached 23,390 times and wrote over 70 books. His 4 sons were all preachers. He gave himself to one book, the Bible. He said he read one book in the Bible 50 to 60 times before he began to study it. “REJECT?”

When I was in Bible College, G. Campbell Morgan was the author of one of the main resource books we had and his sermons were given as examples for our Homiletics (preaching) classes. The world can be thankful that he didn’t quit when the so called “experts” told him he showed no promise.”

Inventors and leaders throughout history failed numerous times. The ones who became famous for great accomplishments were the ones who failed, some many times, but didn’t give up.

I have talked with different pastors who led congregations in tremendous growth to become mega churches who have said things like, “You think we’ve had great success, but of all the things we’ve tried, more have failed than succeeded.

The year 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us in many ways. The things that usually work for most of us have often failed because of complications and disruptions that have stood in our way. At times we have all been tempted to give up. But,


Here’s why! God will never give up and he will never give up on you! He will never give up on his plan to save the world. He will never give up on His church! God is in it for the long run! His long run is eternity. As long as we are walking with God and are striving to do His will in the world we should never give up on the plan or on God! He’s got this and He’s got you!

In Philippians 3:13 & 14 Paul tells how he keep’s pressing on to the higher calling and the great things God has ahead of him. We need to grab on to that higher calling. We need to make sure we are on board with God’s plan and his call and never give up!

This Sunday we will celebrate the New Year by worshipping the God who make’s all things new; the God who makes us into a new creation and who never gives up!

Our morning message is titled, Keep On Keeping On! It is based on the text of Philippians 3:13-16. I’ll look forward to seeing you if you can come or on one of our streaming methods.

Happy New Year!


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