• Joshua D McVey


In 1 Timothy 1:4 Paul instructs NOT to devote themselves to myths or endless genealogies. Titus also mentions Jewish myths. So, what are these myths and genealogies they are speaking of? These are the apocryphal texts. Apocryphal are texts whose origins or authorship are questionable.

The Hebrews meticulously recorded their genealogical history. Maintaining their pure bloodline was paramount in their faith. Individuals needed to be able to qualify their heritage and lineage according to tribe and people.

There were also other books written instructing on how to battle certain demons. The book of Solomon claims Solomon was given a ring to have power over the devil and his demons. One by one Solomon called each demon before him and demanded to know their weakness. The book is fun to read, but it's not scriptural. Other books such as Tobias tell stories of Hebrews battling demons through superstitious practices. Many of these practices were based on writings in the book of Solomon.

You may be like me, and have heard teachers make assumptions based off the Apocryphal texts. There is a popular verse in Genesis that mentions the Son's of God falling in love with the daughter's of men. I have heard teachers claim this is the race of giants that once walked the earth. Again, a lot of speculation based on minute texts.

Paul writes in response to such study and practices, "The goal of our instruction is the love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith (1Timothy 1:5)." Men will use these myths, genealogies, and speculation to promote themselves. It makes them appear to posses revelation or insight from God.

Paul battled this his entire ministry. Again, it may have been the thorn in his flesh. Individuals wanted to outdo Paul and posses Christianity. The problem remains today. You may have heard similar teachings.

Those who claim to know when Christ will return. Those who claim insight and revelation from God.

I once had a friend tell me about three people who visited her church, they claimed to be led into hell so they might tell the world the horrors they saw. They went into great detail of how hell was built and the levels of suffering they saw. My friend asked me, "What do I do with that?"

She was afraid.

The point was to frighten her and others, while raising themselves to a higher place of enlightenment. They followed their presentation with demands passed on to them from God. They were treated with high esteem in this denomination. I believe Paul would have told my friend, "The goal of our instruction is the love that comes from a pure heart . . . "

Are you loving in the way Christ first loved us? Have you submitted your life to His teaching? Have you put your faith in Christ and Him crucified? Paul wanted them to know, the simple Gospel he taught when he came, is the Gospel they should follow. Do not allow others to bewitch you (Galatians 3:1).

So I say to you, Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is Love (1 Corinthians 13:13). There is no further insight. There is nothing hidden outside of Christ and Him Crucified. Love God and Love Others.

Stand firm in your faith. Stand firm then with the readiness that comes with the Gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15). Don't allow others to distract or waste your time with meaningless myths and genealogies.

May you Love.

May you live confidently in the Kingdom of God as heirs.

In His service and yours,


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