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The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest


A few years ago, an article written by Herb Forst in Cross River, NY was published in Readers’ Digest titled, What NOT to Buy Your Wife: Although the only person a man usually shops for is his wife, the whole experience is a stressful one. Many a man has felt extreme frigid temperatures for a long period based on a poor present decision. As a veteran of these wars, I’m still not sure what to buy my wife, but I’ll pass on what NOT to buy her:

1. Don’t buy anything that plugs in. Anything that requires electricity is seen as utilitarian.

2. Don’t buy clothing that involves sizes. The chances are one in seven thousand that you will get her size right, and your wife will be offended the other 6999 times. "Do I look like a size 16?" she’ll say. Too small a size doesn’t cut it either: "I haven’t worn a size 8 in 20 years!"

3. Avoid all things useful. The new silver polish advertised to save hundreds of hours is not going to win you any brownie points.

4. Don’t buy anything that involves weight loss or self-improvement. She’ll perceive a six-month membership to a diet center as a suggestion that’s she’s overweight.

5. Don’t buy jewelry. The jewelry your wife wants, you can’t afford. And the jewelry you can afford, she doesn’t want.

6. And, guys, do not fall into the traditional trap of buying her frilly underwear. Your idea of the kind your wife should wear and what she actually wears are light years apart.

7. Finally, don’t spend too much. "How do you think we’re going to afford that?" she’ll ask. But don’t spend too little. She won’t say anything, but she’ll think, "Is that all I’m worth?" – adapted

As I read the man’s humorous take on giving to his wife on Mothers’ Day a few thoughts struck me. While I’m good with the idea of giving your wife or mother a special gift and Mothers’ Day we must realize that if we are not regularly generous with our love, compliments, and gifts throughout the year, almost any gift will miss its mark. I’m not saying she won’t appreciate it, but what I am saying is that it will mean much more to her if it is nothing new. She already loves you and wants what’s best for you. She is a treasure to your life and deserves to be treasured by you every day. If you were to give the eulogy for her funeral, would she be surprised to hear your generous words?

Mom’s Day should simply be the culmination of what you show her all the time.

This Sunday we will be celebrating moms everywhere. We will honor all women with gifts and our loving words. The message will be Mother’s Never Leave Us based on Proverbs 6:20-23. Whether you are a mom, or your mom is living or if she has gone to glory, you will find comfort and blessing in seeing how moms are ever-present with us throughout our lives. I hope you can join us.

Loving Mom,


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