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life interrupted

Life is filled with interruptions. In fact, one of my favorite sayings is "Life is what happens to us while making plans to do something else." Life interrupts our plans. More importantly, God often interrupts our plans. When I was in high school I had plans to become a choir teacher. Music was my life. My senior year of high school I transferred to a school in Dallas that was on the campus of Dallas Christian College called Heritage Christian Academy. It was a great experience and it changed my life.

I had thought for some time I would attend Dallas Christian College for its music program and begin my preparation for my occupation. One of the features of DCC's annual High School Days was talent and skills contests though which small scholarships were awarded to those who placed. I had participated in the vocal solo contest and done well the previous two years. As this special event approached I received a challenge from Frank Sass, the

Headmaster of the Academy confronted myself and two other young men with a challenge. He wanted each of us to inter the preaching contest at High School Days. I didn't much want to do it, but Mr. Sass was a man few people said "no" to. He was a large man with a very athletic build and a commanding voice. Besides that, he had become like a second father to me since I was so far away from home.

I prayed to God, got a little advice from the best preacher I knew, my Dad, and a few other good advisors and went to work. I didn't pray to win. That was too much. I just prayed that I could come up with a good message and delver it without embarrassing myself or God. To make a long story less lengthy, to my surprise. I was chosen to be the first place winner in preaching contest. From that point forward God began to place in my heart a passion for sharing God's Word with others. It became such a passion that I ended up changing my vocation to pastoral ministry. God interrupted my life plan with his calling. You know, He's always been good at that!

The events leading up to the Advent of Christ's coming into the world and even those surrounding the Christmas story were filled with interruptions. People who had their own plans found God stepping in their path and changing their direction. This Sunday, the

second Sunday of Advent, Josh McVey and i will present a message titled, "Interruptions." We will look at three important divine interruptions that brought three important spiritual concepts to life that would change the world; Hope, Redemption and Mercy. Come and join us at First Christian Church this Sunday and experience these blessings in a sermon that will be delivered in a unique presentation woven throughout the service.

Blessed by Interruptions, Jon

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