• Joshua D McVey

Just Keep Swimming

In my experience I have found it challenging and beneficial to see the world as a "glass half full". I often remind myself of a study done on two children, twins. One was an optimist and the other not. The optimist always saw the good. Researchers put the each child in a room. Each room was full of horse manure. The negative child was appalled and cried in the corner. The optimistic child asked for a shovel. When asked, "Why a shovel?" He replied, "With all this horse crap there's got to be a pony in her somewhere!"

I am challenging myself, and I challenge you to see the positive in life everyday.

The winner glories in the good; the whiner majors in the mediocre. Winners' thinking processes differ from other people's. As part of their normal, moment-to-moment stream of consciousness, winners think constantly in terms of I can and I will. Losers concentrate their waking thoughts on…what they should have done … would have done … what they can't do. When the mind's self-talk is positive, performance is more likely to be successful.

The huge majority of our negative doubts and fears are imaginary or beyond our control.

- Denis Waitley

I think of Jesus' comment in Luke 9:62: "“No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

We often live in the should have's or what if's. Many times indecision comes out of overthinking our decisions, until we don't decide. Then we focus on that opportunity we missed and all the opportunities we miss. It's overwhelming living in an imaginary world of never-have's.

I believe in the "Right Now". That's seeing the positive in every moment and relishing its goodness no matter the situation. It's hard, and trust me I'm speaking from the struggle not the accomplishment.

Jesus said the birds of the field don't worry about their next meal. They don't store up, they trust. The flowers of the field are not worried about what they will wear. Our father in heaven has given them all they need.

When has worrying added one day to your life? When has regret contributed to your well-being?

I believe it's important to grow and learn from each decision. But don't let regret, doubt and fear drag you down to misery.


Just keep swimming.

May you find the blessings everyday

May you breath in the midst of life's storms

May you trust in our Father in Heaven for life

In His service and yours,


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