• Joshua D McVey

It's Not Fair

Have you ever felt wronged? Felt like, you were cheated or bad-mouthed by someone and you just wanted vengeance? I knew someone who was put in jail, over not paying a ticket, only to come home to an empty house. It had been robbed while he was away. Not a stick of furniture, nothing was left. What's more, the bandits had a party and left his place trashed.

The robbers were people he considered friends. They knew he was spending the weekends in jail to work off his debt.

What if you were imprisoned for something you didn't say? What if, others had accused you of saying things about the government you hadn't said and ended up in jail. Paul in the New Testament had this experience.

While he was in jail other teachers came to the churches Paul had started and told them what he said was not correct. They kept undoing all of his work.

Tonight we will talk about Philippians and Paul's reaction.

In His service and yours,


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