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The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest


A Bible School teacher was discussing with her young class the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha. She carefully explained how Mary and Martha had hurried to clean the house and cook a special meal. Then she paused and asked, “What would you do if Jesus was going to visit your house today?” One little girl quickly responded, “I’d put the Bible on the table!”

In Luke 10:38-42 we find Jesus, the most important guest one could have in the home of Mary and Martha. Martha is working feverishly to get the meal ready and make sure everything is perfect for the Master. In the meantime, her sister, Mary, is sitting at the feet of Jesus while he pours his life into her. Finally, Martha has had enough! She comes to Jesus complaining that her sister has left all of the work in her hands and isn’t lifting a finger to help. Jesus tells Martha that she worries too much about the wrong things. Mary has chosen the only thing that matters and that cannot be taken away from her.

Many years ago, Country singer, Hoyt Axton, wrote and recorded a light, humorous little song that tells the story. The man talks about how hard he has worked and how little he has gotten in return. Then the title line comes flying in to sum up his message:

“Work your fingers to the bone - whadda ya get? Boney Fingers.”

Martha was getting boney fingers while Mary was drinking in the living water and devouring the bread of life straight from the original source. Sometimes Christ followers find ourselves consumed with making a great impression on Christ when all he wants is for us to receive his fellowship and love. He is not impressed with our hard work or placing Bibles on tables so much as he is impressed with our willingness to soak up his message and obey his commands.

Sunday we will look at another message in our SHIPWRECKED series titled “Much Ado About Nothing” based on Luke 10:38-42 and Luke 12:22-31 as we look at the problem we have with worry and its uselessness to our lives. I hope to see you there.

Impressed by Jesus,


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