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hold on tight!

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Hold on Tight!

A number of years ago, a missionary in the Kiamichi Christian Mission in Oklahoma told some of teens about a fortuitous rumor that was started about him in that part of Southeastern Oklahoma. Some rather difficult issues had developed in the area concerning the tragic murder of a deputy sheriff who also happened to be related to Riley. The missionary preacher had a newsletter called THE RIDGE RUNNER that he published for the region which called for people in the area who had information pertaining to this crime to step up and tell the Law what they knew. This did not make him popular with some of the unsavory elements in the community. In fact, the brand-new Panther Creek Church building where Riley was preaching and had just been built was burned to the ground by arsonists.

One day Riley was driving down the road and spotted a chicken hawk perched on a fence post. He stopped his little VW Beetle, pulled out his gun and blasted the fowl from the post. He thought nothing of the incident and went on his way. Apparently, someone witnessed the excellent shot and began telling the story. Before long he was known as a “crack shot.” Stories were floating around that he never stopped the car; that he shot the hawk while rolling down the road. It got deeper. Some were saying that he shot it on the fly. The rumors were untrue but gave him a legendary reputation of being very dangerous with a gun. He says that it probably kept dangerous opponents from testing him until the perpetrator of the killing was captured and sent to prison.

While that rumor was helpful, most are sadly dangerous and destructive. While a rumor can come from a fact, it usually becomes a lie and most of the time begins with one as well. Reputations have been maligned because of someone’s hatred or desire to achieve a dishonest goal.

In 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 Paul spends paragraphs refuting a false rumor that had been spread among the church family there. Some people were claiming prophecies from God, others were claiming they had a letter from Paul himself saying that Christ had already come and gathered his people to himself in his second coming. Paul was concerned that these false stories had caused some of the people to be unsettled. The original Greek term translated “unsettled” literally means “losing your mind.”

These persecuted followers of Jesus were banking their lives on eternal life. They didn’t know what to do about these deadly rumors. Paul relieved their fears, so they could hold on to their faith.

Friends don’t let anything contrary to the Word of God turn your heart away from the TRUTH! There are rumors in the media, in the culture in which we live and all around us that strive to turn us from our faith. The evil one is seeking to intimidate and destroy our faith just like a roaring lion attacking his prey.

Lean on Jesus Christ and his Word and HOLD ON TIGHT!

No matter what your view of biblical prophecy, one thing remains true. Everyone on the side of Jesus wins! Everyone opposed to him loses! Hold on to him!

This Sunday we will continue our series called SHAKE THE WORLD with a message based on 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 titled, WORLD SHAKING PRAYER! Come be a world shaker with us.

Holding on with you,


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