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The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest


I love music. I love a great solo, sung or played beautifully. I always wanted to sing the high notes that a gifted tenor can ring out. But, alas, I was gifted with a different kind of vocal range. However, throughout the years I have learned something; some of the most beautiful music I have heard is sung in harmony. I single voice can’t sing harmony. Even the best soloist cannot sing harmony. It takes at least two people for a song to have the presence of harmony.

When you get a group of people, with different vocal skills and ranges, you can have the best harmony. You can have a trio or a quartet or a small ensemble or even a powerful choir.

But, if everyone wants to sing the lead, harmony cannot exist. That is why every singer is valuable.

In the Lord’s church, God has given every member spiritual gifts and talents. When everyone is doing their part, the church is in harmony and making full impact in ministry. When God has gifted you, you should be using your gift for His glory. But often, we try to do it all by ourselves with that gift and therefore only sing one part in the choir. As a result, the effect is limited, if not futile.

God gave us the church, not the Lone Ranger Christian. When Scripture talks about unity in the church, it is not just talking about a church that doesn’t have quarreling and fighting. It is talking about a church that has unity of purpose and ministry. It is about each member functioning as an integral part in the same direction.

In Matthew 25, there is a parable of Jesus about the stewardship of three servants who had been given money (gold) (talents) with the encouragement to invest and increase the amount. The only way that would work is if the talents were used. One received 5 another 2 and a third was given 1. The Master sent them out to increase the money. After a time, the servants were called in to give an account of what had been done. The two with the greater talents had doubled the investment, but, out of fear, the third confessed that he was afraid of losing his investment, so he buried it and was proud to bring it back in-tac. The Master rewarded the two servants who had doubled their talent, by giving them double back. The third had his single talent taken away and was punished.

What have you done with what God has placed in your hands?

Are you hiding your talent and gifts or are you putting them to use for his kingdom?

This Sunday we will share a message titled “Who is the Minister?” based on Matthew 25:14-30. I hope you will come and check it out.

Singing with you in Harmony,


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