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god has limits

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

God Has Limits

In the Middle Ages, a Saxon king set out with an army to put down a rebellion in a distant province of his kingdom. When the insurrection had been quelled and the army of rebels defeated, the king placed a candle over the archway of his castle where he had was headquartered. He lit the candle and announced through a herald to all those who had been in rebellion against him that all who surrendered and took the oath of loyalty while the candle was burning would be spared. The king offered them his clemency and mercy, but the offer was limited to the life of the candle.

Numerous times in Scripture, God has exhibited an amazing amount of patience in holding back his wrath. The reason is that he loves mankind as the only creation he made that was in his own image. His love for men and women has been expressed over and over again in giving Israel, people of disobedience time, loads of time, to turn back to him.

But he has also demonstrated that the candle of his patience can burn out. The sixth chapter of Genesis gives us such an example. The wickedness of mankind had grown so horrible that God could not find anything worth saving. His feelings had been hurt by the flagrant disobedience. In fact, he was sorry he had ever created them.

Sometimes we push God’s patience too far. He is patient, but he grows weary of putting up with us. In spite of his frustration, he still seeks for any hope in the midst. That is why God spotted his simple, imperfect, flawed servant, Noah. He saw in Noah’s simple faith and gave him grace. It’s a good thing, because, without Noah and his family, the entire earth would have been destroyed.

I suspect that when God looks at the world today, he finds it difficult to restrain his wrath. Everywhere he looks he sees self-centered hearts rejecting his rule. I wonder how long he will put up with us. I know this much though.

God continues to seek out “Noah’s” who will be vessels of God to rescue what has been “all but lost” to God.

This Sunday we begin a series from Genesis 6 titled “When the World is All but Sunk.” Part 1 this week is titled “The Lord’s Regret” based on Genesis 6:1-8. I hope you will come share in this entire series.

Seeking God’s grace,


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