• Joshua D McVey

Future Hope Today

The book of Thessalonians teaches Love, Holiness, and Hope. All confrontation should be met with love. This love "sets us apart" in holiness because we have hope in the return of Jesus.

Holiness in the scriptures means to be "set apart". You are not to live and act as others do out of vengeance and violence. The idea of justice today centers around violence. In the Old Testament we have read an "eye for an eye", but Jesus tells us to love our enemies. This sets us apart and makes Christians Holy. The ability to love when violence is felt to be deserved.

Setting ourselves apart is motivated in the hope of the Kingdom of God. This is a place of love, forgiveness, and justice absent of violence. Today we are told the government will give us peace and safety through violence. Jesus has promised a hope in the Kingdom to come without violence. There will be justice, but not as we see it today.

Love is how Paul and Silas set an example in Thessalonica. They showed love through service and cultivated close healthy relationships with the people there. It's important for leaders today to develop healthy relationships in our churches. This is done through love and a servant's heart. According to Paul and Silas' examples love is shown putting others first. I have heard it said, "A great leader never asks someone to do something they're not willing to do themselves." The valuation of a leader is their ability to serve,

Jesus led by example on the night he was betrayed. At dinner he washed his disciples feet. He served and put everyone first. He calls us to do the same. He says, "If you are to come after me, take up your cross and follow me." We are to follow the example of Jesus. The leader more so. This is how love is taught as a leader.

You and I are to love sacrificially, setting ourselves apart, because our hope is in the return of Jesus. Our hope is in the Kingdom of God.

Be encouraged, live today as though this hope has already happened. Live your lives as though the Kingdom of God is already here. We love and act in hope because we are part of the KIngdom of God.

May you grow beyond your fears

May you see your peace and safety is secured in Christ


In His service and yours,


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