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Esther:A love story

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Esther: A Love Story

People who think the Bible is boring simply have not read it. It is filled with drama, mystery, romance, humor, intrigue and irony. The book of Esther is a classic example of such dynamic stories. It is a "rags to riches" story. It is about pride, prejudice and payback. It is about boldness and bravery. It is about greed, chicanery and political intrigue. But, at the heart of the plot there is a love story.

Hadassah, better known as Esther, was a beautiful young woman who grew up quickly to become a woman of wisdom and cunning in a culture that did not fit with her heritage. She was a devout Jewish girl from a strong religious family. Orphaned as a child she was reared in her faith by an older cousin, Mordecai.

Esther’s people had been taken to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar, but after a number of years, the Medes and Persians had conquered Babylon. Now they were a part of that Medo-Persian Empire. Jewish people were scattered throughout the empire and Esther’s family was located in the capital city, Susa.

King Xerxes would choose Esther from a plethora of beautiful young women and make her his queen. He chose her because of her rare physical beauty, but he fell in love with her because of her charm and character. In this story we learn that, Esther was more than just a pretty face. She would be challenged to use her position as queen to save her people from genocide. The love of the King would be challenged and would be found true.

Sunday we will look at the 2nd message of our February sermon series titled “Passion or Promise” Love Stories from Scripture, with a message from the book of Esther titled, “For Such a Time as This.” Come and see how God can even use romance to save his people.

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