• Joshua D McVey


Don the donkey and Billy the goat stood in a snow-covered pasture discussing the coming Christmas program at church.

“I hop I get the lead role.” Said Don the Donkey.

“Baaaa.” Said Billy the goat.

“The lead role of the camel bringing gifts to the new king.” brayed Don the Donkey.

“I’m always seen as the beast of burden, knowing my luck I’ll be carrying the king’s luggage.”

“Baaa, I just hope they have something to eat.” Said Billy the goat.

“I’m always bringing up the rear.” Don’s ears twitched as he looked backward. “Why did I have to be born a donkey?” He ran over to a nearby bush and stuck his head in, a mane of branches and leaves adorned his neck. “I would have made a fierce lion, what do you think?” Don the donkey brayed loudly as he shook is head and attempted a roar.

“That’s just baaaaad.” Belted Billy the goat.

Don the donkey put two large rocks on his back. “Well, I could be a camel.” He walked slowly, bobbing his head and spitting, while balancing the two large boulders on his back.

“you’re too short.” Laughed Billy the goat. “AAAHHHH, HHHAAA!”

Don the donkey kicked the rocks off his back and chased Billy around the pasture. Billy jumped up a rock and on top of the shed. “Toooooo bad you’re not a goat, then you could climb things.”

“I don’t want to be a goat, they stink, sheep are much better.”

“Youuuuuu take that back. Sheep are dumb. I’m much smarter than a sheeeeeep.” Billy clapped his hooves on the shed’s tin roof.

The farmer’s wife came outside calling at Billy. “Get off the roof Billy! There’ll be no supper for you, if you keep climbing that shed.” Billy the goat quickly climbed down and stood next to Don the Donkey.

“It’s almost time to go to the church, you two behave yourselves.” The farmer’s wife wagged her finger and put her hand on her hip.

Don the donkey and Billy the goat were loaded into trailers. Finally, the time had come for the program at church. Everyone waited in the halls. Don the Donkey did not like the blanket on his back. It meant he would be carrying something and it wasn’t going to be a gift for the baby.

A young woman with a baby came to Don the Donkey and petted his head. “Will you gently carry us Mr. Donkey?” The woman asked. “I have precious cargo. He plays the part of the baby Jesus.”

The baby Jesus? Thought Don. He is the king everyone has come to see. Don wouldn’t be carrying a gift for the baby, he would be carrying the gift to the world. Don brayed with excitement. He was to be the lead role.

Mary climbed onto Don’s back with the baby. He lifted his head high. Only Don the Donkey could carry Marry and her son. He strutted down the aisle as carefully as possible. Billy the goat joined Don the donkey at the front. He stood to the side near the Christmas tree, but Don the donkey stood center stage. He was so proud as he scanned the crowd gathered to see the new king delivered. Don brayed one last time as Marry and the infant took their places in the manger.

Don the donkey heard a crack and crunching. He looked over at Billy the goat who was eating ornaments off the tree. “Their sooooo deeeeelicious.” Billy sang around a mouth full of ornaments.

Don the donkey was proud to be a donkey. He was proud to be himself. From that day forward, Don never wanted to be anyone else but himself, Don the donkey.

Merry Christmas!

In His service and yours,


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