• Joshua D McVey

Don't allow others to look down on your youth

Clarence Smith "Preacher" Greenleaf

Paul encourages Timothy (1 Timothy 4:12), don't let anyone look down on your youth. Many times youth is seen as inexperienced or naive.

Youth can be redeemed through living a godly life. A life that sets a godly example. Set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.

Do not neglect the gift that was given to you through a prophetic message when the elders laid their hands on you. Laying on of hands is not just a symbolic gesture in a ceremonial fashion. It also represents those who have invested and mentored you through the years.

Teachers have invested their lives into you. They have poured their selves into your life, shaping who you are today.

Preacher Greenleaf was a minister who invested his life into the Appalachian community where he built a church. In the hills of Virginia my father grew up in his church. This preacher was not accepted when he first arrived. He helped families build homes, delivered groceries, and worked along side the people in the community as a living example of Christ. He was an example in speech, life, in love, in faith, and in purity.

Over time he built the largest church in the area and became known as Preacher Greenleaf. He grew into the mountains. He poured his life into the people, regardless of their acceptance at first. His name became as a part of the mountains as the families that had lived there for centuries.

(Google Preacher Clarence Greenleaf to find more amazing stories and articles)

My father and my family are only one product of that minister's love and hard work. My father developed a love for the scriptures and developed his gift, as was prophesied over him by the elders in that church. They invested in my father. I am blessed to have him as my father and I am thankful for the influence of my grandmother and spiritual grandparents.

When I was a boy, we visited the church. Preacher Greenleaf saw me with my father and approached me. I extended my hand, he laughed as he shook it, "Are you going to be a preacher like your daddy?" He asked. "Yes sir." Was my reply.

I remember that moment. I remember the special friendship my father had with that old preacher. I hoped one day I could be the example my father and preacher Greenleaf had been. Through adversity Preacher Greenleaf stayed the course. He consistently loved, lived, and spoke Christ. He was an example in the grit of life. He worked beside the people he loved. He gave more than he could afford. He was faithful and worked hard. I believe that is the greatest example of Christ.

He lived it.

May the work you invest in others today see great returns in the future.

May God bless the hard, gritty work you put your hand to.

May you live as an example in life, speech, faith, love, and purity.

May you do this, no matter your age. Don't let others look down on you. Live for God CONSISTENTLY.

In His service and yours,


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