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do you know why?

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Do you know why?

Two men who were fishing one Sunday morning. When they realized the fish weren’t biting, they began to feel guilty about skipping church.

One fisherman said, “I guess I should have gone to church instead of fishing.”

His friend replied, “Well, I couldn’t have gone to church anyway, because my wife is home sick in bed.”

The concept of giving the Lord his day is going by the wayside in our culture. While I don’t think it is right, it is somewhat understandable. In fact, it may even be, in part, the fault of those of us who make it a priority.

You see, we got too comfortable with the idea that “everyone should just do it.” Perhaps each of us who do attend should carefully examine our “why” of church attendance.

Do you go because your parents, or grandparents, did and you don’t want to insult their memory? Do you go simply because the religious activity makes you a better person? Do you go, for your family or your friends? We often throw guilt trips on our children, our siblings, our coworkers, our neighbors and others because they DON’T GO TO CHURCH! Church attendance is important, but not just so we make the count better for the record books. Its importance has nothing to do with it making us a better person or better Christian. It is all about our spiritual survival and encouragement. A person who attends church services does so because they are in a daily battle to live for Jesus and it can be really, REALLY HARD! We need to connect with other Christ followers so we can share the journey together. We need to meet with Jesus around His table so we can get that special connection with the one who died for our sins. We need to be instructed by the Word of God so we can stay focused on His will for us. And, perhaps we can get back on the right track.

Someone has said, “The church isn’t a museum for Saints! It’s a hospital for sinners. Often, I need that hospital for my sin-sick spirit.

This Sunday is “Family Sunday” at FCC and I am planning to share a message that I think our kids and adults may relate to from Acts 20:7-12. It is the story of Jesus preaching to Christ followers in the city of Troas. It involves a church service where the preacher went on and on and on for hours and hours. It involves a young man who was sitting in the cool of a third-floor window. He began to get so tired that he drifted off to sleep and fell out the window. PREACHERS! It should make you feel better to know that someone even fell asleep when the Apostle Paul preached.

An interesting note in the text we will share makes it clear that it was not unusual for the church to come together on the first day of the week and that the primary purpose was to break bread, another way to express that it was to take the Lord’s Supper, together.

In a world that seeks meaning, meaning is found in the good news message that Jesus Christ loves us and gave himself for us. Going to church services is not designed to give us bragging rights on being the best people. It is to give us a step forward to be a dynamic follower of His.

I hope that you will come, bring the entire family and everyone you know as we explore Acts 20:7-12 with a message titled, Long Sermons and Sleepy Christians. We will have some fun with it and hopefully learn a thing or two about why we go to church.

Learning and living with you,


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