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do we need a revival?

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest


There has been great discussion among pastors and church growth people about the validity of Revival Meetings in the 21st Century. It seems to be too “old fashioned” for our culture. To some, the idea has outlived its usefulness.

Believe me, I have always been one to do away traditions and concepts that have outlived their usefulness if they were not biblical. While the idea of “Revival Meetings” may be manmade, the idea of “REVIVAL” itself is very biblical. The nation of Israel, in the Old Testament, was in constant need for “REVIVAL”, or Spiritual Renewal. Every time idolatry and sin crept into the culture the people would cry out to God for “REVIVAL.” And, God would send it in some form.

When Jesus came into the world, He entered a messed-up world in desperate need or “REVIVAL.” Did He ever bring it on? He brought powerful teaching like the people had never heard. He brought an example of prayer and communion with God that would renovate lives. He ultimately gave himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world by dying in our place on the cross. He was revived to resurrection and thus gave everyone who would follow him, that same ”REVIVAL”, or resurrection power.

At First Christian Church of Clovis, New Mexico, we are preparing our hearts for “REVIVAL” through a “Revival Meeting.” We are preparing for this “REVIVAL” in several ways.

We have invited an extremely talented and powerfully prepared man of God named Andy Avery to lead us in this process.

We are inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to us and through us in bringing about “REVIVAL” in our personal lives and to our community.

We are praying for ourselves to be renewed and remade from inside out to become more effective and devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We are examining ourselves to see how we can let “REVIVAL” begin in us individually and as a church family.

When King David found himself out of step with God and in a huge spiritual mess, he penned these words:

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

I know that I personally am in frequent need for “REVIVAL”. Most of us are in need of this renewal that only God can bring. We need to realize that renewal, or “REVIVAL,” will not come, even through a talented singer and speaker such as Andy, without serious and continuous prayer. You and I can never create “REVIVAL”. “REVIVAL” only comes from God. But, understand this; every time God’s people have seriously and passionately cried out for “REVIVAL”, God has honored the plea and sent it in his own powerful way.

Perhaps a “Revival Meeting” as such may be outdated, but true “REVIVAL” is never out of God’s culture.

This Sunday I will be sharing a message titled, “The First Revival” based on Acts 2. I hope you will come and see how God sent “REVIVAL” before and how He will send it again.

Needing “REVIVAL” with you,


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