• Joshua D McVey

Better Promises

Where do you find your value?

Have you thought about it?

The words you say, the actions you take, the motivation to work or the daily tasks you repeat day after day, why do you do them?

Do you work to gain more stuff?

Do you fulfill tasks to gain the money to live another day?

Or, do you labor to provide a better service for your neighbor?

God has promised us the ability to draw near to God and receive everlasting life (Heb 10). Under the old covenant God’s presence was limited to the Holy of Holies hidden behind a current. Only the High Priest could experience the presence of God once a year, and only after he had been cleansed.

Through Jesus we have been sanctified to live in the presence of God daily. We are now free from a guilty conscience and free to do good. The great promise of God is having the law written on our hearts and minds. We have been freed from the burden of guilt and religious practices to make us clean.

This promise allows us to walk with God daily, as Adam and Eve did in the beginning. There are no longer a need for sacrifices or the temple practices. We now have a high priest who stands for us allowing us to have an intimate relationship with God.

This hope is the return of God and the redemption of this world. We are not to give up meeting together, but encourage one another -and all the more as we see the day approaching (Heb 10:25)!

What a fantastic promise and freedom to do good. We have the power to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth every day. We are set apart by our hope and faith. We act in love, not violence or vengeance. We sacrifice our lives for the benefit of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God filled with hope and love.

We live for more than surviving or gaining stuff. We live to better this world and give to our neighbors so that no one is left wanting. We have the power of the Holy Spirit to change this world with power over the curse through Jesus.

May you find joy in your hope

May you and I encourage one another, as we see the day approaching

May you find purpose in the gift given to you through Christ

May you live set apart (Holy) as a living sacrifice

In His service and yours,


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