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Alter Your course

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

Alter Your Course

The captain of the ship peered into the darkness detecting faint lights in the distance. Immediately he commanded his signalman to send a message" "Alter your course 10 degrees south." Promptly a return message was received: "Alter your course 10 degrees north."

The captain was angered; his command had been ignored. He sent a second message: "Alter your course 10 degrees south--I am the captain! "Soon another message was received: "Alter your course 10 degrees north--I am seaman third class Jones. "Immediately the captain sent a third message, knowing the fear it would evoke: "Alter your course 10 degrees south--I am a battleship. "Then the reply came "Alter your course 10 degrees north--I am a lighthouse."

John wrote about people who live in darkness and reject the light of truth because they love the evil they are doing. Sadly, for them, the darkness does not change the light. The Truth is always the Truth. Relativists have argued that all truth is relative; that there are no absolutes.

The question they must be asked is, “Are you absolutely certain there are no absolutes?” What an absolutely flawed concept. If the ship’s captain had continually argued his stand against the position of the lighthouse, his ship would have been wrecked. In John 14:7 Jesus declared, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

You can complain all day that you have your own way; that you don’t need the light; but to do so you risk your life and your eternity on ignoring the warning of the Lighthouse.

This Sunday we will continue our New Year series in John 3 as we share a message titled, “New Year; New Light” based on John 3:19-21. We will examine our lives in the light of Jesus and see where we might need to alter the course of our lives to enter the Light of Jesus.

Altered by the light,


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