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a son's faith

The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest

A Son’s Faith

James Bryan Smith begins a chapter of his book by telling a story about taking his six-year-old son to an amusement park. While at the park, he and his son got on a ride. A teenage boy buckled them into their seats and then started the ride. The entire time during the ride, James Bryan Smith felt a panic in his heart for fear that his son would fly out of the ride. He states:

"With white knuckles and gritted teeth I prayed the entire ninety seconds for the ride to end. I looked over at Jacob, who was laughing and having a great time (The Good and Beautiful God, pg 55)."

After the ride was over, he and his son sat down on a nearby park bench, and Smith asked his son, "Weren't you scared? That ride was pretty wild. Why did you get on a ride like that?"

His son answered with childlike honesty, "Because you did, Dad."

This Sunday I will bring a message from the 22nd chapter of Genesis about God’s test of Abraham’s faith by calling him to take his only son, the one promised by God through whom He would give Abraham more descendants than he can count, to Mount Moriah and sacrifice him to the Lord.

We will take a close look at Abraham’s faith, the test God was giving him, and the amazing way God would provide a substitute at the last minute.

But right now I want to take a brief look at the faith and obedience of Abraham’s son, Isaac. When Abraham woke Isaac up that morning, he had no idea as to the plan for the day. He just got up and went.

I don’t know if Abraham told Isaac they were going there to make a burned sacrifice or if he just figured it out based on what he had seen in the past, but he was aware of the mission. Along with his son, Abraham had brought a donkey and two servants. They had stopped and found some wood and placed it on the back of the donkey. In addition to all this, Abraham had brought along a substantial knife and fire. When the group had gotten to the place of sacrifice, Abraham told the servants to stay in place and hold the donkey. He ordered Jacob to carry the wood, the very wood that had a purpose to burn his own dead body as a sacrifice. His dad carried the fire and knife. He was curious though. Isaac asked his father about it. Isaac spoke up and said to his dad, “Father?”

“Yes, my son?” Abraham replied.

“The fire and wood are here,” Isaac said, “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” (Genesis 22:7)

From his burning, trembling, broken heart Abraham managed the words, “The Lord will provide a lamb for the sacrifice.”

What really gets me is the trust Isaac had in God and in his father. He, a strapping 18 to 20-year-old young man, almost to the physical prime of his life stood there while his loving 118 to 120-year-old father began to tie him up and lay him on top of the altar and the wood that Isaac had carried. Don’t you know he could have overpowered his elderly dad? Or, at least he could have gotten away and ran for his life. There’s no way Abraham could have forced his young son to do this except for the fact that Isaac trusted his father and his heavenly father implicitly.

Yes, Abraham had tremendous faith, but Isaac’s faith was at least equal to that of his father. I think the reason for his faith was that he had seen that of his Father and had learned through the years how trustworthy Abraham and God were. Had he not trusted his dad and God so much, he would have missed out on one of the most tremendous lessons anyone ever had;

The Lord will provide.

Do you have the faith of Isaac? If you do, God will teach you the same powerful lesson and many more.

As mentioned earlier, this Sunday we will continue our series of messages themed: Any Nobody Can Become Somebody The transformative power of God in people with a message, The Lord Will Provide based on Genesis 22:1-19. I hope you will join us for an inspiring study of God’s Word.

Trusting God with You,


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